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Additional Terms

This page describes additional terms that apply to the Kiebitz code and related assets in accordance with GNU Affero GPL License section 7. If you use Kiebitz please ensure that you adhere to these terms as well as the AGPL license terms.


If you use the Kiebitz software code or related assets under the open-source license you need to advertise this use in a way that makes it immediately obvious to users. For web apps or other user-facing interfaces you need to include a link to the Kiebitz website ( on every page or UI element that contains a footer or generic link collection (e.g. links to an imprint or help pages). The link text needs to indicate that the system in question is based on the Kiebitz software, e.g. by writing "Realized with Kiebitz".

Linking To Source Code

When providing links to modified Kiebitz source code you also need to provide a link to the official Kiebitz project on Github (

Logo Use

You may not use the Kiebitz name or logos for advertising or other commercial purposes.