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Kiebitz is a free and open source software solution for privacy-friendly mediation of vaccination appointments.

An image showing the use of Kiebitz for vaccination delivery.
A picture that illustrates the ease of installation and use of Kiebitz.

Secure, privacy-friendly vaccination appointment placement for all of us.

Kiebitz is very easy to use. It requires no smartphone app installation for users and no complex registration processes for vaccination providers. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

Easy to use and simple procedures.

Kiebitz offers easy-to-use web applications for vaccination appointment booking and management.

A picture showing a vaccination record.
A picture of a crossed-out surveillance camera, symbolizing the privacy-friendly design of Kiebitz.

Privacy By Design

Kiebitz systematically reduces the collection and processing of personal data and offers better security & privacy guarantees than other systems. A use completely without personal data is also possible. Moreover, Kiebitz can be operated in a decentralized and federated manner.

Why Kiebitz?

Kiebitz is an open source, free-to-use software system for vaccination appointment scheduling. It is designed according to Privacy By Design principles and systematically tries to minimize privacy & security risks for users of the system. Kiebitz can be operated very easily. Kiebitz also implements end-to-end encryption of sensitive data. An unprovoked decryption of personal data is not possible with Kiebitz, but the control over the data lies solely with data subjects and vaccinating physicians [^1]. In addition, Kiebitz systematically minimizes opportunities to collect and analyze meta-data, which also poses a significant privacy risk in appointment scheduling systems in addition to the actual data collected. We are convinced that Kiebitz is the most privacy-friendly vaccination appointment scheduling software.

Further information

Check out our documentation and our Github page to learn more about using Kiebitz. Or just contact us !